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Monday, October 1, 2018

TBB Asks: October

Hey everyone!!  I've been away from the blogging world for a couple months now (beginning of the school year + a toddler who hates sleep = crazy tired mama with no free time for blogs).  Well, it's a new season, a new month, and I'm ready to get back into more regular postings. The Blended Blog's Ask series is always a fun post and I love checking out everyone's answers.  

1. Favorite fall color? Orange

2. Apple cider HOT or COLD?  Most of the time, I would say hot, but if it's coming alongside one of those cider mill donuts, then cold.

3. Caramel Apple? Eww no. I remember trying one as a kid thinking I was going to chip my tooth biting into the caramel shell and I haven't tried one since. 

4. Pumpkin donut or apple cider donut? I've never met a donut I didn't like. Definitely both!

5. Long or short cardigan? I'm loving long cardigans lately. So cozy!

6. Favorite football or fall party food?  Chips and salsa might sound kind of boring, but I feel like it's a staple for football Saturdays.  I also loving making these super simple sausage crescent bites that I found on Pinterest.

7. Orange or white pumpkins? I prefer the traditional orange.

8. Hayride or bonfire? Definitely hayride.  I was way more into bonfires as a kid/teenager.  Not so much anymore.

9. Favorite fall baked good? Apple pies or apple crisp, made with fresh apples picked at the orchard.  I just made this one over the weekend.  A delicious treat served up with some vanilla ice cream!

10. Most anticipated fall activity? I feel like it's not officially fall until we've gone apple picking (which we did this weekend). I would also have to say attending football games!

Happy Fall!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Weekend Recap

This weekend was filled with beautiful weather and family time!  

On Friday, the kids and I met some friends at Sprout City, a new park that is made to look like a little town.  It is so much fun!  The kids played for well over an hour.  The park has several little buildings such as a post office, market, house, vet, workshop, etc.  There's also a sand area and a bike path with tricycles and scooters available for the kids to ride.

When the kids were in bed on Friday night, Troy and I got to work on our DIY window treatments.  Troy built the cornice boards and on this night, we were covering them with batting and fabric.  We are hoping to have everything complete and hung this week.  Hopefully I'll have some before and afters on the blog soon!

On Saturday morning, I met my sister at the Rochester Brunch House.  The place is so bright and adorable with its decor!  The food was outstanding!  We started with mimosas, of course.  

I ordered the crabby benny, and my sister had a breakfast burrito.  We then ordered the lemon blueberry poppyseed pancakes to split.  It was like eating dessert for breakfast!  Absolutely delicious!

After dinner Saturday evening, Dane wanted to "make the house like a movie theatre" and watch Tarzan.  The kids snuggled up with their blankets and snacked on pretzels.

Sunday was supposed to be a church on the beach morning, but I had a terrible migraine overnight and was just feeling too run down.  Luckily, it turned out to only be a 12 hour thing, so around 10am, I started feeling back to normal.  My sister and her boyfriend came over and we spent the day on the boat, while my mom watched the kiddos.

Troy was not feeling the selfie. ;)

After spending some time on the lake, taking a little time to swim, we stopped for dinner on the deck at Blackfish

We took another little cruise down Black River before heading in.

Overall, it was a fun-filled weekend! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What's Up July 2018

Where has July gone?!  This month is always my favorite because 1) it's my birthday month, 2) I'm on vacation so I get to be home with my babies and 3) we get to enjoy the beautiful Michigan summer weather!  Linking up with Shay, Mel, and Sheaffer again for another edition of What's Up Wednesday where we answer the following questions:

What we're eating this week:
We've been getting lots of veggies from the garden this week!  Mostly zucchini, broccoli, and cucumbers for now.

Monday: Spaghetti Squash & Meat Sauce and Steamed Broccoli 
Tuesday: Chicken Quesadillas
Wednesday: Cuban Sliders and Steamed Broccoli
Friday: Pizza Bagels

What I'm reminiscing about: Google Photos made me an adorable "They Grow Up So Fast" video of Mila this week and it gave me all the feels!  I miss the itty bitty baby stage!  The newborn sounds, the snuggles, the babywearing, it's all so worth the sleep deprivation.  I'm having a serious case of baby fever over here. 

What I'm loving: This romper.  I shared it last week, but the price is just so good not to mention again (under $20!) and it is super comfortable!

What we've been up to: We've had a lot of summer fun this month!  The annual SandFest took place the first weekend of July.

sand castle

We've been working on some preschool skills with Dane each day at home and he's having a lot of fun with it.  I'll be sharing some more resources and details soon, but we've really enjoyed this Big Preschool workbook.

We've enjoyed church on the beach and I even had the opportunity to lead a portion of the service as Liturgist one Sunday...and my best girl wanted to help.

The annual Blue Water Fest was also this month.  The kids had fun at Family Night and watching the sailboats take off for the Port Huron to Mackinac race. 

My Grandma was in town and on her last weekend here, my aunt and uncle joined the whole family for a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant.  

The kids have been soaking up summer with this new sprinkler and pirate water table!

What I'm dreading: Summer vacation will be ending for me in a couple weeks.  I love my job, but I so love being home with my babies!

What I'm working on: Troy and I are making some updates to our dining room.  We've reupholstered the chairs and are currently working on updating the window treatments.  Troy already built the new cornice boards.  Now we just have to pick out the fabric we like and find a rug for the room.

What I'm excited about:  We'll be taking Dane to his first Tigers baseball game in a few weeks!  He is so into this sport.

What I'm watching: I finally started watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix and immediately became obsessed.  I've never really been a binge-watcher (mostly because I tend to fall asleep shortly after my kids are in bed), but this show really grabbed me.  I watched during their naps and stayed up late to watch several episodes at a time.  I couldn't get through the series fast enough.  Such a heartbreaking story filled with a million emotions!

Other than that, I started watching The Challenge: Final Reckoning.  I will never get sick of this silly drama. :)

What I'm listening to: The Chainsmokers and Tiesto are big on my running playlist.  I'm also really liking Lauren Daigle's new song, You Say.

What I'm wearing: Workout clothes and pajamas, mostly.  Here are a few pics of some outfits when I actually got ready this month. ;)

floral tank jean shorts

tank from Target 
jean shorts from Target
sandals from Kohl's


sweatshirt from Ruboo Boutique
ballet flats (similar)

Romper (mentioned above)

What I'm doing this weekend:  Brunch with my sister!  I love getting time to catch up with her and we're going to visit an awesome spot near her new place.  So looking forward to some yummy food and mimosas.  Then we're planning to get in some boating on Sunday (fingers crossed the weather cooperates!).

What I'm looking forward to next month: I'll be running in two different 5K races!  I ran my first last month and immediately knew I wanted to continue running.  It feels good to have something to do for myself and I'm hoping to accomplish another goal in the upcoming races.

Whew!  That's all for this month. What's up with you?

This post contains affiliate links which means I make commission on qualified purchases.  Thanks for your support!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Mila: 20 Months

Our baby is 20 months old!  She is a feisty, fun, and loving little mama's girl.  Here's the latest on our Mila.

Mila's Likes:
Trolls (Poppy Poppy Poppy!)
Snacks (any and all)

Mila's Dislikes:
Being told no

On the last Mila update, I wrote about her ear tube surgery and how that significantly improved her hearing.  In June, Mila had another surgery, this time on her eyes, to correct blocked tear ducts that never opened on their own.  It has been remarkable seeing the results from this surgery as well!  She used to constantly have goopy eyes that we would need to wipe with a warm, damp cloth, and now it never seems to be an issue!  Her eyes and ears finally seem to be all normal now! :)

Mila's speech has been exploding!  She seems to have new words everyday, repeats everything she hears and puts two-word sentences together quite regularly.  I was playing with her hair one evening and she came right out with "Let go mah harrrrr!!"  That was definitely the longest sentence she had said so far and it just cracked me up!

She is learning her colors and has quickly become obsessed with all things pink!  She names colors on almost everything she sees and looks to me to see if she is correct.  She definitely knows pink, yellow, purple, and blue and we are working on the others.  Her girly-girlness is continuing with the pink obsession.  Most days, we have to find some clothes for her that have at least some pink on them or she'll throw a bit of a tantrum and just keep yelling, "Pink!"

We have had a few movies on rotation in our house lately and her favorites are definitely Trolls, Moana, and Coco.  She has a couple Poppy dolls and plays with them all the time!  The girl also loves to dance and when "Can't Stop the Feeling" comes on, she busts out some groovy moves. I love the way she asks for us to put Moana on.  She'll sing the last line of "I am Moana" and it comes out "Manaaaaaaa!"  She may like her movies, but she is still very much a bookworm.  I love that we have another little "reader" in the house!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Today I have a random list of favorites from the week.  Linking up with Andrea for Friday Favorites.

1.  This romper.  I have been so hesitant to jump on the romper bandwagon.  I just wasn't sure if I was really into this onesie-for-adults, but this print caught my eye and is actually very comfortable (and under $20!).  I wore it on my birthday last week and forgot to take a picture of the whole outfit.  


2. Baseball, baseball and more baseball.  Dane has been going to a weekly baseball camp this summer and he is more in love with the sport than ever!  It's so fun to watch him practice any second he can.  If we're not playing catch in the house, he's in the front yard hitting from the tee.

3. Amazon Prime Day.  Well, this certainly didn't start out as a favorite with the site crashing, but I was able to get a couple things on the second day.  I ordered the Instant Pot I've been eyeing for quite some time.  Of course, it's not at the Prime Day price anymore, but it is currently 25% off today.  I also ordered this superhero Mr. Potato Head set and my kids have been having a blast mixing and matching the costumes.  

4.  My little reader.  Mila is a total bookworm!  She wants to read all the time!  I just love it. :)  Lately, her favorites are The First Strawberries, Llama Llama Red Pajama, Night Night Forest Friends, and Little Bear Needs Glasses.

high chair

5. The June and January Sale.  I adore these clothes for my littles and they are currently having an online warehouse sale.  Everything is $10!  I was able to snatch up a few items for Mila and can't wait to see them on her!  Here are a couple pics of my kids in their 4th of July outfits from June and January.

4th of july attire

4th of july attire

6. My grandma has been visiting and it is so nice to have her with us!  We've spent some time together at our house, and this weekend we're all going out for a family dinner before she heads back to Florida next week.  Mila loves her GG!

We're excited for our family dinner this weekend along with a cookout with friends!  It should be nice and relaxing!  Hope your weekend is as well!

This post contained affiliate links, which means I might make a commission on qualified purchases.  Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Quick Visit to Portland

A couple weeks ago, I attended a conference for work in Portland, Oregon.  Since Troy was on a vacation from work, he decided to buy an extra plane ticket and tag along.  Neither one of us had ever been to Oregon before.  Our parents agreed to watch the kiddos for us and being that it was also our tenth anniversary week, we got excited to plan our first ever kid-free getaway!

We were only there for three days/nights and since I was attending a conference during the day, we only had the evenings together.  We quickly realized we will need to plan a return trip some day to explore more of the beautiful landscape!

After we got settled into our hotel, we ventured out for a walk around the city and had lunch from a food cart.  I couldn't believe the number and variety of food carts all over Portland!  Troy ate pad thai and spring rolls and I ordered a poke bowl from Mr. Teriyaki.  So much great food for such a great price!!

food cart

There were a lot of cool buildings in the city.

We definitely ate well in Portland thanks to some good finds from Pinterest and recommendations from a couple friends.  The first brewery we stopped at was 10 Barrel Brewing Company where Troy tried a few brews and I sipped on a cider (I'm not a beer fan).  This place had a great atmosphere.  The garage-style doors were up so it felt like we were outside.

We met a couple from California who were visiting for a week and they were so much fun!  We ended up sharing an Uber to another spot and hung out for a few hours. 

That next stop was Breakside Brewery after a recommendation from the 10 Barrel bartender.  Here, I tried a kiwi-apple cider.  Another delicious and refreshing beverage!  We enjoyed hanging out on their patio area which had barrels for tables.

After a while, it got a little too warm, so we went inside to cool off in the air conditioning and grabbed a few spots at the bar.  This is when I switched over to wine. :)

We made it back to our hotel and crashed!  The time change was a little tough to get used to. :)  The next evening, we ventured over the river to Hair of the Dog Brewery.  This had a real "laid-back" feel to it.  It looked like it was in an old warehouse and they also had a large garage-style door open which made it feel like we were outside.  Troy had a flight and I enjoyed a pear cider.  

I loved that a portion of all of their sales is donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind. (Our dog, Dusty, is a career change from Leader Dogs for the Blind, so this warmed our hearts!) 

We had dinner at Portland City Grill, which is on the 30th floor so the view is amazing!  While we didn't wait to get a window seat, we could see Mt. Hood from our table (even though this phone-picture doesn't quite show it haha).  The food was outstanding and according to Troy, this was the best place we ate all trip.

The next day, while I was at the conference, Troy went on a river fishing charter.  He had a great time as they caught around 15 sturgeon!

For dinner that night (also our 10th anniversary), we went to Andina, for Peruvian food.  We decided to go with a variety of small plates to share.  I thought the food here was amazing, although Troy wasn't as impressed as me.  I took pictures of almost all of the dishes. :)

quinoa salad

chilled cucumber soup

purple potatoes and chicken salad

beef empanadas

beef heart
Instead of grabbing dessert at the restaurant, we thought we would walk to an ice cream place for dessert.  Originally, we planned to go to Salt and Straw (again based on many recommendations), but we found Ruby Jewel was a bit closer and decided to grab some ice cream sandwiches.

I ordered the Honey Lavender ice cream with the Sprinkledoodle cookie.  Troy enjoyed his Peanut Butter Krispy Krunch ice cream with the Portland Chipster cookie.

We had a nice walk through the city back to our hotel and ventured along the river before snapping another quick selfie.

Our flight the last day was at 12:30 so we were able to take our time a little in the morning to grab some breakfast at the hotel before heading to the airport.  I fueled up with a huge southwest sweet potato/rice bowl and Troy had the "best omelette he's ever eaten."  

Here we are on the shuttle back to the airport.  

Portland is a beautiful city and I am grateful we had the time to explore a little bit of it.  We enjoyed our first kid-free trip together, but we were also so excited to get back to our little babies at home!